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Nestled between the terminal moraine, Lake Constance and the northern slopes of the Alps, the Haug family’s fruit and wine paradise lies directly on the shores of Lake Constance in Bavaria. The winery is located in the Schönau district, in an old farm with a 400-year-old residential house and the farm buildings.

Today, the former cowshed houses the wine cellar and tasting room. In the adjoining building, a newly built grey shingle house, the distillery and wine sales are housed. Half of the 6.5 hectare vineyard lies directly on the shore of Lake Constance and the other half near the farm, on the southern slope of the Ringoldsberg. You can tell from afar that both sites produce charismatic wines.

The lush vegetation, the mild Lake Constance climate and the unique soil ensure lush growth and a unique freshness and fruitiness for the fine drops. Besides the classics Müller-Thurgau and Pinot Noir, new varieties such as Solaris or Johanniter or older French grape varieties such as Maréchal Foch are grown.

It was not until 1975 that Claudius Haug’s father, together with his uncle, showed great courage as lateral entrants and revived the winegrowing tradition in Lindau. In 2002, Claudius Haug, together with his wife, whom he met while studying agricultural economics, took over the business. Before that, both had deepened their oenological knowledge in California, Michigan and New Zealand. Since 2010, the entire farm has been managed according to Bioland guidelines.

You can taste the wines at a wine tasting. Each tasting focuses on five to six carefully selected wines – from the current vintage to rarities from the treasure trove. In addition to tips for perfect wine enjoyment and exciting information about the wines presented, there is a lot of interesting information about winegrowing, the Haug winery itself and the Bavarian Lake Constance winegrowing region.

Besides wine, apples play an important role on the estate. As early as the 1970s, Haug Senior switched to intensive apple cultivation. At that time, the apples were still marketed through a cooperative. But since the conversion to organic farming in 2000, the cooperative was not prepared to market the organic apples. So Claudius Haug and his brothers had to take care of the sales themselves. At that time, a common label Ă–KOBO and a marketing structure of 30 organically producing fruit farms were established. Today, 80% of the apples, pears and plums produced are sold through Ă–KOBO to organic supermarkets and the natural food trade.

Currently, Haugs cultivate 10 ha of fruit land. 95% of it is planted with apple trees and the rest with plums and pears. The typical classic apple varieties are Jonagold, Elstar, Gala and Braeburn. However, 40 percent of the cultivated area already consists of fungus-resistant varieties such as Topaz, Santana or Collina. These are particularly suitable for organic cultivation and at the same time enrich the taste.

Picnic to rent

Let us spoil you and enjoy regional delicacies, good wine from the Haug Winery and the wonderful nature with a view of Lake Constance at a picnic! Choose the one that suits you best from three different options:

Classic: Brotzeit – cheese (alp & wildflower cheese and brie) & sausage (various hams), seasonal vegetables, fresh cheese, bread, vegetables, bottle of wine and water.
Vegetarian: Cheese (Alpine & wildflower cheese and Brie), cream cheese, tomato butter, antipasti, couscous salad, seasonal vegetables, bread, bottle of wine and water
Family: snack – cheese & sausage, country sausage, bread, seasonal vegetables & fruit, dessert, bottle of wine, water and apple juice.

  • All backpacks include crockery, cutlery, glasses and a blanket.
  • Vegetarian or classic: Prices: for 2 persons 37,- €, for 3 persons 45,- €, for 4 persons 53,- €
  • Family: Prices for 2 persons 43,- €, for 3 persons 54,- €, for 4 persons 65,- €
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Opening hours

Wine sale
Monday – Friday: 04:00 – 07:00 PM
Saturday: 09:00 – 12:00 AM
or by arrangement