Even if you reduce it to just the highlights, a selection of the sights does not do justice to the diversity of this unique region. There is simply too much that you have to see! Nevertheless, we have tried to make a selection – but at best it can only be a foretaste of what you can expect at Lake Constance.

Mangturm 🇩🇪

In the past it was completely surrounded by water, today it still looks like a second lighthouse in Lindau harbour: the Mangturm was indeed a perfect observation post before the new lighthouse was built in 1856. Nowadays, the use of the Mangturm has more of a fairytale feel – because, among other things, the Lindau Fairytale Hours [link group bookings] take place here. The name Mangturm has nothing to do with fairytale characters or its former function as a watchtower.

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Zeppelin Hangar 🇩🇪

They are inextricably linked with the Lake Constance region, their appearance still fascinates people today: even though modern airships have little in common with the giants of the historical era, the zeppelin flight is considered a real speciality even among frequent flyers and pilots. The Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei in Friedrichshafen offers guests fascinating sightseeing flights with a view of Lake Constance unlike any other. Those who prefer to stay on the ground can learn everything about the Zeppelin NT during a tour of the shipyard – and watch the gentle giants take off and land.

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Zeppelin Museum 🇩🇪

History buffs will get their money’s worth here: the Zeppelin Museum offers the most comprehensive and important exhibition on airship travel in the world! Highlights include the true-to-scale replica of the passenger compartments of the famous LZ 129. Known as the “Hindenburg”, the giant was, together with its sister ship LZ 130, the largest airship ever built.

The Zeppelin Museum focuses not only on technology but also on art: exhibits from 500 centuries are either related to the history of zeppelins or have a geographical connection to the region.

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City tour Constance 🇩🇪

Would you have known that after the famous Council in Constance (1414-1418) only one of three reigning popes remained? Or that today’s landmark of the city, the statue of “Imperia” at the harbour, has been there for less than 30 years and is, according to Wikipedia, “the world’s largest monument to a prostitute”? If not, then you should not just pay a visit to the largest city on Lake Constance, but take one of the popular city tours. There, guests learn everything about the historical sights – and about the cosmopolitan attitude to life that characterises Constance today. Tip: The sea of flowers on Mainau Island, which belongs to the city of Constance, is not far from here.

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Säntis 🇨🇭

With its 2,502-metre summit and exposed location, the Säntis is considered the local mountain of Lake Constance, at least by the Swiss – as the most striking elevation far and wide. You can take that literally with the Säntis, because even on the distant Swabian Alb there is a hikers’ hut with the name “Säntisblick”. You can get to the top of the Säntis by cable car. The walk is worth it: just as you can see the Säntis from afar, conversely you have a spectacular panorama in front of you from the summit. On a clear day, you can see into six different countries: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, France and Italy.

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Mainau Island 🇩🇪

Frederick I had the famous rose garden laid out in the 19th century. The Grand Duke of Baden also found his final resting place on the flower island of Mainau. Today, the island is still owned by a (different) noble family. Today, more than ever, the magnificent flowers attract visitors to the third largest island in Lake Constance. More than 1.6 million come every year. In addition to the thousands of tulips, roses and dahlias that provide colourful diversity all year round on Mainau, the oldest sequoia trees in Europe can also be found there thanks to the tropical flair. Numerous themed tours provide insights into the history of the island and its plant treasures.

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Abbey Library St. Gallen 🇨🇭

The Abbey District in St. Gallen was once one of the most important cultural centres in Europe and is now rightly a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The monastery library belonging to the district documents more than twelve centuries of European intellectual history and is one of the most important historical libraries in the world. Guests can find out which treasures are kept here on the popular guided tours. Even more practical: the audio guide – which, like the guided tours, is offered in German, English, Italian and French – not only covers the entire abbey district, but also includes a city tour.

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Pulverturm 🇩🇪

Whereas with the Mangturm [link: Mangturm] you have to think about what the name stands for, with the Pulverturm it says it all – or used to: The Lindau militia once stored their supplies of gunpowder there. Actually, the Powder Tower was once built as a defence tower. But the powder tower owes its current importance as part of Lindau’s town history to the mayor, Dr. Heinrich Schützinger. The head of the town lived in the tower for more than two decades and turned it into a “place of cheerful conviviality”, as he himself put it, at the beginning of the 20th century. Numerous renowned guests – today one would probably say “celebrities” – subsequently paid their respects in the Pulverturm.

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Maestrani's Chocolarium 🇨🇭

They say that chocolate only makes you happy for a short time. But for the time of your visit to the Chocolarium of the Swiss chocolate specialist Maestrani, we can almost guarantee lasting happiness. Because here, visitors young and old not only learn how happiness actually gets into chocolate, but are also allowed to nibble on various samples to their heart’s content. Those who can’t believe their luck afterwards are welcome to take another bite at the “chocolate shop”.

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Burg Meersburg 🇩🇪

It is the oldest castle in Germany that is still inhabited: The noble Naeßl-Doms family took over Meersburg Castle in the mid-1970s and did much to preserve the structure. Even though nothing remains of the original walls that stood here in the 7th century, more than 30 medieval-style rooms can be visited; among them the knights’ hall, the castle dungeon and the torture chamber. Tip: The “Dagobert Tower” offers a spectacular view and can only be visited as part of a group tour.

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