Discover the diversity of Lake Constance: the restaurant directory gives you an overview of the restaurants, inns and cafés along Lake Constance. The directory is still under construction and grows every day. Therefore, it is worthwhile to check back regularly and discover new offers in the border triangle.

Culinary variety with a regional flavour

If you travel a lot, see a lot and experience a lot, you will also be hungry – and will enjoy the rich selection of local products all the more. The cuisine of the four-country region is characterised by international elements – in both traditional and modern interpretations. The variety of food and drink reflects the abundance of nature: Lake Constance is home to many different species of fish, cows graze on lush green pastures on the hills of the AllgĂ€u and Switzerland, and vitamins ripen in their most beautiful form in the orchards. Much of what is served here is the tasty end product of successful local harvests. Even if the appearance of some places seems traditional: behind the historic walls, kitchen professionals are at work, conjuring up contemporary and high-quality dishes on the table. Treat yourself to a great portion of quality of life during your stay!

High-quality cuisine, stylish ambience, pleasurable moments: We take care of it.