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“Everybody can be a pioneer” is the motto of the Dornier Museum in Friedrichshafen. Along with the Zeppelin Museum, it is one of the city’s best-known museums. Aerospace history is not only exhibited here to look at, but also to touch. It takes about 30 minutes by car or train from Lindau to Friedrichshafen (FN airport station).

Distinctive building in a fitting setting

In keeping with the aviation theme, the museum, which is colourfully illuminated from the outside at dusk, is located directly at Friedrichshafen Airport. It is located in a building modelled on the architecture of an aircraft hangar. On 5,000 square metres you can see almost 400 exhibits with twelve original and partly still airworthy aeroplanes as well as seven exhibits from space travel, which were modelled 1:1 on the originals.

Two of the highlights are the full-scale replicas of the “Dornier Merkur” and “Dornier Wal” aircraft. These two German passenger aircraft from the era of the German Reich first flew through the skies in the 1920s. Only 50 of the classic propeller aircraft “Merkur” were built. About 250 of the flying boat “Dornier Wal” were produced. These were also used as reconnaissance aircraft and were immortalised on a special series of stamps in 2008.

There is more than aircraft to see here

Many decades ago, the aircraft built by Dornier delighted the people they carried through the air. Dornier not only revolutionised aviation, but also sent satellites into space. You can also see one of these in the museum. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to get a close-up view of a man-made object that was travelling in the vastness of space!

You can also discover the endless expanses of space and the fascination of space travel in the expanded permanent exhibition. On 450 square metres, Dornier’s departure into space is presented from a completely new perspective and with multimedia stations.

The Dornier Museum also has a lot to offer culturally, for example lectures, concerts, cultural or culinary evenings.

Become a pilot yourself!

Would you like to fly yourself for once without leaving the safe ground? Then we recommend the aircraft simulator in the Dornier Museum: in front of a huge, virtual landscape, you steer a DO 27 with an original cockpit towards the virtual horizon. In this way, you can navigate an aircraft over the majestic Alps, mountainous landscapes and the vast Lake Constance virtually single-handedly and thus come a little bit closer to the dream of flying.

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