The Powder Tower can only be visited from the outside and can be booked for events.

The introductory words on the Powder Tower are left to someone who lived in it for more than 20 years, loved it and breathed life into it – Dr. Heinrich Schützinger, Lindau’s mayor from 1894 to 1919: “I have not come across a building of this kind anywhere that could even come close to the Lindau Powder Tower in terms of its original, outstandingly beautiful location in the landscape”.

From defence tower to powder magazine

The bulky building at the westernmost point of the island was erected in 1508 as part of the town’s fortifications. In 1629, the tent roof of the already low round tower was lowered another two metres to reduce the surface area available to enemy attackers. With success: the tower survived the Thirty Years’ War unscathed. Towards the end of the 18th century, the defence tower was finally converted into a powder tower, and the Lindau militia stored their supplies there.

A rendezvous in the Powder Tower

In 1898, the “guard against enemy attack” was finally transformed into “a place of cheerful conviviality” – as mayor Dr. Heinrich Schützinger, who moved in as lord of the tower at that time, noted in his records. The Grand Duke of Baden, the famous airship builder Count Zeppelin, the poet Paul Heyse and many other notable guests had a rendezvous on the ground floor, which had been converted into a lounge; a newly built staircase led to the upper floor, which provided a dignified setting for countless receptions. Schützinger resided in the Powder Tower until 1919 – he wrote down his memories of the more than 2000 guests he received there in the “Golden Book”, which is now in the possession of his descendants.

Conference and event location

After Schützinger’s departure, things went less glamorous for the tower: the French took possession of it in 1945 and did not release it again until spring 1952. Since 1969, the Pulverturm has been the property of the Lindau public utility company, which had it renovated in 1988. Today, the three floors can be rented for conferences and celebrations – but the illustrious guests of the past, their tea evenings and Bacchus nights will probably remain unrivalled…

The Powder Tower can only be visited from the outside and is currently not bookable for events.


The Powder Tower can only be visited from the outside and can be booked for events.