Anyone coming to Lindau is visiting the four-country region of Lake Constance, which is home to around three million people. In addition to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the Principality of Liechtenstein is also an important part of this region. The sixth smallest state on earth not only plays a significant role as an economic factor, but is also highly rated as an excursion and vacation destination.

Hiking in Liechtenstein

Lovers of outdoor activities get their money’s worth in Liechtenstein: a network of over 400 kilometers of well-marked hiking trails covers the valley and mountain regions. From the mild Rhine Valley, the terrain rises to the rocky high mountain regions at 2,599 meters. Mountain bike routes of varying degrees of difficulty and about 100 kilometers of bike trails also invite exploration.

Two popular destinations in Liechtenstein are the impressive capital of Vaduz and the mountain resort of Malbun, which specializes entirely in family vacations.

Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein

About 5,500 of Liechtenstein’s residents live in the capital city of Vaduz – almost twice as many work here. In addition to the seat of government of the Alpine state, many financial companies are also located here. Of particular interest to tourists is the “Städtle” – the core of Vaduz. Here, over a length of a few hundred meters, you will find a multitude of historical, but also ultra-modern buildings worth seeing. In the government quarter, the state parliament and government buildings as well as the state archives attract the eye.

Culture lovers can find inspiration in the Liechtenstein Museum of Art – a state museum for modern art. In addition, the Liechtenstein National Museum provides extensive insight into the country’s history, fauna and flora, and life in Liechtenstein. Exhibitions in the municipal museums are dedicated to local characteristics and various themes. In the Liechtenstein Treasury – a museum especially for exhibits connected with the Alpine state – you will find art-historical as well as modern or scientifically interesting exhibits, including various weapons, gifts from historical personalities such as Emperor Joseph II, but also moon rocks from NASA’s Apollo 11 and Apollo 17 missions. With the Apple Blossom Egg, one of the most famous Fabergé eggs ever also awaits you here.

Perched some 120 meters above the capital city of Vaduz is Vaduz Castle – the landmark of Liechtenstein’s capital. The seat of the Princely Family is easily accessible via a walking path and can be visited from the outside.

Family vacation in Malbun, Liechtenstein

For an active family vacation with children, it’s best to head to Malbun: the village at 1,600 meters above sea level has been awarded the title of family vacation resort by the Swiss Tourism Association and offers fantastic hiking opportunities under a beautiful Alpine panorama, especially in summer. Here you will also find child-friendly themed hiking routes such as bee trails or a forest trail. In winter, the white splendor in the snow-sure winter sports area Malbun makes hearts beat faster: the children’s land “malbi-park” is located in a protected valley basin. The safe and, with 23 kilometers of slopes, manageable skiing area with modern, comfortable lifts is optimal for families with children.