Holding events across national borders on water and on land: that’s the idea behind Li:Bre, a new congress and conference offer for hybrid and analogue events from Lindau to Bregenz. Our cooperation partners Convention Partner Vorarlberg summarise Li:Bre:

Boundless meetings on and around Lake Constance

Li:Bre stands for the eastern bay of Lake Constance between Lindau in Germany and Bregenz in Austria. In other words, “free” without borders – “libre” in Spanish. Here, on the eastern part of the lake, organisers can choose between several conference locations: The main conference venues are the Festspielhaus Bregenz, the Lake Constance Shipping Lindau and the Vorarlberg Lines including the event ship “MS Sonnenkönigin” and the Inselhalle Lindau. Transfers between the locations can be made by boat, bus or train.

Lake Constance is a unique connecting element in the four-country corner of Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. Language, transport routes, water use: everything functions without barriers. This common understanding gave rise to the idea for the new event format “Li:Bre ~ Grenzenloses Tagen am Bodensee”.

The catchment area also allows for the integration of various service providers, caterers, trade and also accommodation businesses. The variety of hotels in the Lake Constance region ranges from small, private accommodations to larger family-run businesses and international hotel brands. What they have in common: Everywhere you meet hosts and hostesses with heart.

Li:Bre Eventmanager/in and Expert team

The Li:Bre Event Manager is the personal project manager on site. He/she is the contact person for the client throughout the planning phase and during the event and is an expert from the event houses’ own ranks. Behind the Li:Bre Event Manager is a team of experts: The experienced staff of the venues and the Convention Bureau. From day one, the organisers benefit from the expertise of project management, technology, catering, security and prevention as well as other partners.

If desired, the team of experts can organise an event planning sprint, in which a team that is as heterogeneous as possible develops the event concept together with the organiser. Methods from design thinking are used for this purpose.

The services at a glance

Li:Bre package:

  • Location rental, staff and technology Conference
  • Catering conference
  • Location rental, staff and technology Evening events
  • Catering evening events
  • Personal Li:Bre Event Manager
  • Team of experts
  • Ticket for public transport

Free services:

Bookable services (offer on request):

  • Mobile Li:Bre hosts
  • Digital event platform
  • Participant registration and name badges
  • Welcome desk at airport, train station or hotel
  • Rent for location, ship, costs for catering and technology
  • Event Planning Sprint: Further development of the event concept, content design of the event

Mobile hosts

If desired, a mobile host team can be deployed. The team consists of people who live in Vorarlberg and live hospitality. They are a feel-good contact for the participants and provide information on the destination, public transport, etc. The team can be deployed anywhere in Vorarlberg. The team is on duty wherever the participants are, e.g. at the train station, airport, congress centre and hotel.

Digital event platform for hybrid events

The digital event platform “Events Vorarlberg” is available to organisers for hybrid congress formats as an additional service. This means that participants who are not on site can also take part in the conference. Live streams, interaction possibilities, network functions, gamification, programme and speaker profiles as well as social media can be integrated. In addition, registration and communication with participants can be handled via the platform.

Sustainable meetings

The Festspielhaus Bregenz and Convention Partner Vorarlberg are authorised to certify Green Meetings and Green Events, including cross-border event formats such as “Li:Bre”. This service is free of charge. The aim is to support organisers in organising their congresses, conferences or events according to the ecological criteria of the Austrian Eco-label.

With the public transport event ticket, participants use the public transport network between Lindau and Bregenz free of charge.


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