Please note that different Corona regulations apply in the individual countries and federal states. Please also note the regulations for Constance, St. Gallen, Bregenz and Liechtenstein.

In Lindau im Bodensee, the 2G rule applies for the most part in indoor areas. All other regulations and incidence values can be found here.

Rapid testing facilities

For a safe stay at Lake Constance, there are numerous offers for rapid testing possibilities, which we have summarised for you on this page. Please make use of the corona testing facilities in your home town before you arrive.

Contact tracking with the luca app

In order to be able to spend your planned stay as safely as possible, many establishments use digital contact tracking with the data protection-compliant app “luca”. The “luca” app can be used in the hotel industry, retail trade, at events, in leisure facilities or in holiday flats.

This makes it possible to track contacts quickly, easily and responsibly. Get to know “luca” and help to stay healthy!

Stay healthy!

We know that these new restrictions involve a lot of sacrifice and loss – probably everyone wishes things were different at the moment… Nevertheless, please try to make the best of the situation. Stay confident, stay supportive and empathetic and above all: stay healthy.

We cannot accept any responsibility for the topicality and completeness of the information on the linked pages. In case of doubt, please contact the respective state government that issued the regulation, the tourism organisation of the state or, in case of consumer questions, the consumer advice centre of the respective state.