Those looking for proximity to nature and space for thought will find the perfect place to relax in Lindenhof Park around Villa Lindenhof. The roots of the extensive area on the lakeside in Bad Schachen go back to the middle of the 19th century: At that time, the Lindau merchant Friedrich Gruber wanted a retreat in the countryside – including a domicile with a lake view, of course. And while the young Munich architect Franz Jakob Kreuter oversaw the construction of the magnificent villa from 1842 to 1845, the renowned garden artist Maximilian Friedrich Weyhe transformed the surrounding meadows and orchards into a huge landscape garden. Both did an excellent job – the impressive ensemble of stately villa and perfectly designed park not only found favor with the merchant Gruber, but soon became famous beyond the city limits. When it finally passed from the Gruber family’s possession to the city of Lindau in 1956, the Lindenhof Park could be opened to the public in all its splendor.

Beautiful park

Since then, locals and visitors alike have enjoyed the park in all its facets – and in all seasons. In summer, the huge, old trees provide soothing shade, and the Lindenhofbad invites visitors to take a refreshing dip in the cool water. Picnic blankets, playing children and a lively exuberance characterize the picture. The area presents itself quite differently in autumn and winter: Often the fog from the lake creeps over the shore and creates a unique atmosphere of peace and seclusion. The small peninsula with the grave of Friedrich and Adolf Gruber then appears ghostly deserted, the arched bridge from the 1950s provides a morbidly romantic photo motif. In clear weather, on the other hand, the view of the Rhine valley and the Austrian and Swiss mountains, which seem close enough to touch when the F├Âhn wind blows, is impressive.

Association is committed

The “F├Ârderverein Gartendenkmal Lindenhofpark” (Association for the Promotion of the Lindenhof Park Garden Monument), with around 100 members, is committed to the preservation of the grounds on the shores of Lake Constance, which are not only historically valuable, and has, among other things, reconstructed the historic arcades. Further information on the sponsoring association can be found at

A detour to the “friedens r├Ąume” (peace rooms) in the east wing of the Villa Lindenhof is also worthwhile.

Guided tour through the garden monument Lindenhof Park

  • 25 persons per group
  • 90 ÔéČ per group
  • 1 hour
  • German, English